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This is a photo of my youngest daughter, Erica, from Easter 2011. I’ve always loved the expression on her face and the bright colors in the picture. I tried to add effects that made the picture more dream-like. Erica is my free-spirited child who often loses herself in imaginary play for hours. She is sweet and caring. I wanted to portray that essence here.

I used a program called FotoFlexer to alter this picture. I played quite a bit with the distortion, twirling the flowers, leaves, and branches. Then I used the neon effect to brighten the colors. I was able to paint certain areas of the photo and then add a neon color of my choice. I added the neon effect to the flowers, leaves, and branches separately. In order to soften the picture a little, I blurred it a bit and also added some opaque circles very subtly. To brighten the overall color, I used an effect called Lomoish. I also rounded the corners of the picture.

Overall, FotoFlexer was easy and fun to use much like Pixlr. I worked on a couple of versions of this photo before I decided on this one. I like the end result of the picture, but Erica noted that she “likes it better the normal way.” I guess you can’t please everyone!