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In order to create my ringtone, I used a program called Soundations. Find this free program at soundation.com. The program gives options to utilize a free program, but you can also buy the Premium or Power package which allows for more storage and additional music selections.

It didn’t take long to learn the basics of this program. Soundations has a library of free sounds at your fingertips that you can choose from. Just click to listen to a variety of clips and then click and drag the clips you want to use into the corresponding Audio Channel. This makes it very easy to layer one sound over another. Once you have chosen a sound, you can drag it to increase the length of time it plays, or copy and paste it in different locations. If you layer two clips that have different speeds or rhythms, the program automatically asks you if you would like the program to time stretch the clip in order to match the other audio clips you have chosen.

For my specific ringtone, I used four different sound clips from the free library: BellAgosha, BeatGrimed, BellDirtyDark, BeatHyphy6and Clap. I began with BellDirtyDark to start the beat and then layered BellAgosha and BeatGrimed on top of it. As the BeatGrimed audio ended, I,  allowed BellAgosha to play for a moment before I introduced the Clap. In order to make the Clap audio work, I had to time stretch it to fit the rhythm of my existing sounds. After I put this initial portion of the ringtone together, I copied and pasted it again a second time for a longer ringtone.

This program is super easy to use and I was able to teach myself just by clicking around. When I ran into questions, I just asked my 11 year old daughter, who was much more familiar with the program than myself! I have added her ringtone to my blog as well to demonstrate how much more you can do with the program if you have more time and are more creative than me!

In order to post my ringtones to my blog, I saved the files as wav files on my computer. Then, I uploaded them to soundcloud.com. Once your sounds are uploaded, SoundCloud allows you to share the links with your blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

Check out my Ringtone here:

Check out my daughter’s creation here: