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For this remix I decided to make a postcard. I was really hoping to go all out with this one and use the more advanced version of Pixlr. My original thought was to use the existing picture of Ireland (a shot that I took myself when I visited in 1999) and layer another picture with it to create a fanciful location. I was really hoping to insert a picture of the “wall” from the HBO series Game of Thrones and use it as a new horizon. Unfortunately, this was a LOT more difficult than I anticipated. So, after more than an hour of playing with the program, and reading a couple of tutorials to not avail, I abandoned the idea.

I decided instead to focus on an end product that I could potentially use in my classroom. I used the picture of Ireland as a picture of part of the journey that the creature from the novel Frankenstein takes in search of Dr. Frankenstein. This focus seemed fitting since the Halloween holiday just passed and after Thanksgiving break we will be reading Frankenstein in my British Literature class.
The picture includes a caption of “Still Searching…” to show that the creature is searching for his creator in hopes of finding companionship, guidance, or possibly redemption. On the back of the postcard I have included a short note from the creature pleading for Dr. Frankenstein to stop hiding and take responsibility for his actions.

Once I determined the course this remix would take, the steps were fairly simple:

1. I scanned in the picture from Ireland as I did not have a digital copy

2. I edited the Ireland picture on pixlr.com with an effect as well as a torn border. I also added the text “Still Searching…” Then I saved the picture as a separate file.

3. Then, I went to google images and found a postcard template that I liked. I picked one with an aged looked because Frankenstein is a novel from the Victorian era and I imagined the postcard to be aged and torn after traveling so far to reach the doctor.

4. I updated the postcard image to pixlr.com and added a sticker which became the stamp on the postcard. I chose the Celtic knot.

5. Next I added text to the back of the postcard. This took some playing around because I had a large amount of text and the program makes it difficult to edit and adjust the font style and size. Then I saved the picture as a separate file.

6. To complete the assignment I then created a collage with two pictures. I inserted the picture of Ireland on the top and the postcard back on the bottom. I adjusted the size and shape of the collage to fit the pictures. I then saved this as a separate file.