For this last Remix, I chose to rework the opening credits from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The project took some time, but was fun to complete. I used Movie Maker for this remix. Here are the steps that I took:

1. Went to google images and saved all the images I chose for my opening credits.

2. Moved the pictures in the order that I wanted them to appear.

3. I wanted to add names of the actors/characters to my opening credits, so I added text to the first several pictures. In order to find out actors’ names, I looked them up on

4. Then, I added music to my opening credits. I wanted to use two songs from the movie, “Danke Schoen” and “Do You Love Me.” I had to first download the songs and then input them into the movie maker.

5. At the end of the credits I wanted to add a short clip from the movie. In order to do this I had to convert a file from Youtube using After the file was converted and saved, I added it to the end of my credits.

6. To make the video smoother, I added transitions to the slides. I also faded the music out at the end of each song.

7. Finally, I added credits to my video and changed all of the font to blue rather than white.

In order to upload the video onto my blog, I first published my video to Youtube and then added the link. Check it out here.